Relax  &  Restore

At New Eden Retreat Center

During these magnificent times of great change,

New Eden Retreat Center opens its doors as a conscious B&B.

Hidden away in beautiful Friesland lies a property where your dreams of peaceful and relaxing getaway can come true. We offer private rooms for nightly rental with a private bathroom, shared kitchen and lounge. Whether you long for solitude in nature, to connect with other like-hearted beings around a fireplace, to read a book in our gardens, or to "work from home" using our high speed WiFi, look no further and come visit us.

We are opening our doors to welcome you for our special Relax & Restore overnight stays.

If you are looking for a last minute getaway come visit us in beautiful Friesland.


The property is surrounded by fields and forests. Just steps away you can find a cosy restaurant with yummy food and good drinks. Closest villages/towns with shopping and dining opportunities are 7 - 15 km away (Gorredijk, Beetsterzwaag, Drachten). We offer bikes for rent so that you can take a break from your car. Our onsite community is excited to share their gifts with you, in a form of individual healing/support sessions, and group offerings.

Midweek and Weekend Stays

Overnight stay in a single or shared room with an ensuite bathroom 

Use of kitchen and lounge/dining room with a fireplace and piano

High speed WiFi

Access to the beautiful surrounding grounds and forest

Opportunity to receive a personal healing/bodywork/support session with one of our community members


Our beautiful retreat center can only thrive when it serves its purpose: 

to be a safe loving space for those who come here to rest and restore, reconnect with their hearts, and potentially transform their lives.


Below you can find our Basic Minimum Contribution fees. These prices cover our most basic operational costs and allow us to keep our doors open. You can reserve your spot with a minimum booking fee, times the nights you are planning to stay. At the end of your stay we will invite you to feel into your heart and decide if based on the value of your experience you wish to add a voluntary contribution on top of this minimum operational cost. Any amount that you choose to add will allow us to expand the R&R project and eventually for New Eden itself to thrive independently of the group bookings and any external circumstances.

Basic Minimum Contribution

Price Per Room

1 Night: € 80

These prices include: 

  • Overnight stay in a single or shared room with an ensuite bathroom (beddings & towels are included)

  • Use of kitchen and lounge/dining room with a fireplace and piano

  • High speed WiFi

  • Access to the beautiful surrounding grounds and forest

  • Cleaning and administrative fees

  • Taxes (VAT & Tourist tax)

Book your stay
Type of Room
  • We are open for midweek and weekend bookings until March 6, 2021. 
  • We have a minimum of a 2 night stay.
  • The weekend stay always begins on Friday and ends on Sunday.
Why this project now?

As you know, the various health measures limiting our freedom to gather have been dramatically affecting the hospitality sector. So far New Eden Retreat Center has operated as a group event venue with the size of groups varying on average between 20-50. With the limit on social gatherings, this model has become increasingly hard to sustain this year. It has not only meant that a lot of our group bookings had to be cancelled leaving us financially vulnerable. But maybe even more sadly, it has meant that our normally lively and vibrant center often stood completely empty for weeks on end. Those of you who have been here before, know that New Eden and the land it stands on has a very particular and powerful transformational quality. Our dream is to continue abundantly serving you and your heart with all that we and this land have to offer. 

Our beautiful retreat center can only thrive when it serves its purpose: to be a safe loving space for those who come here to rest and restore, reconnect with their hearts, and potentially transform their lives.

And that is the reason why we now wish to experiment with the nightly rental format, where you can come and rent a room with us for a chosen period of time that suits you and your particular needs.

What about the cost?

The inspiration to launch this project came also from the questions you've been asking us for many years: “Can we just come and be around other like-hearted people from Heart iQ? Can we connect also between and beyond Heart iQ events? How can we be part of the Heart iQ community other than online?"

All this time we've been paying attention and looking into how we can best meet your needs and the current situation only accelerated the manifestation of the solution. And we want to make it accessible to as many of you as possible!

That is why we are offering the nightly stays on the lowest possible hard cost basis (so that we can still operate and have the doors open for you), AND…. if you feel at the end of your stay that you would like to contribute more, we will be very happy to receive your generous gift.  


We stand for full transparency, therefore we would like you to know that running our retreat center costs on average 15,000-20.000 EUR per month (excluding the mortgage), even when we are fully closed. We are not launching this R&R (B&B) for profit, as for that we would have to ask much higher prices. What we do want is: 

- For YOU to have the lowest price possible so that you can come and stay with us

- And for NEW EDEN to cover at least our basic costs, which we would have anyway even with an empty building.


We hope for a win/win situation, and to keep our retreat center alive. Please know that your contribution can make a big difference. And if this project shows to be successful and you will come to love it, we may bring it more often, so that there are more opportunities for you to be, relax, restore, and to do that in the spirit of Heart iQ.

Our Vision


Important things to know

  • Check-in: 3pm - 5pm (wiggle room possible, check the FAQ)

  • Check-out: 10am from the bedroom (may be possible later, check the FAQ)You are welcomed to stay and hang out with others in the living room until the evening.

  • You need to book minimum 48 hours in advance

  • All bookings within 48 hour period are non-refundable (unless you are showing symptoms)

  • Depending on the availability of the members of the New Eden Collective, you might be able to book an individual bodywork/coaching/support session during your stay.   





Can I stay only 1 night?

No, unfortunately because of logistics we can only offer a minimum of a 2-night stay. 

By the way, we're pretty sure you'd be extending your stay anyways!


Can I come for a whole week, or even longer?

Yes, that would be wonderful! 


Can I get a discount if I stay for a week or longer?

Yes! We offer a 20% discount for stays 7-13 days and 30% discount for stays 14 days and longer. This applies mostly for the single room stays, or for the shared accommodation also if your roommate is staying exactly the same amount of nights as you do.


If I want to share a room, will you assign me a roommate?

No, we will not be assigning roommates. The shared room option is designed for couples or for friends coming together.  


Can I come with my campervan or a tent? 

Unfortunately we cannot host campers at this time because we do not have a regular camping licence. We are allowed to have few camping spots only during the official events. 


Can I bring my children with me?

Absolutely yes! 

Children up to 2 years old stay with us for free. Above 2 years old, you pay a regular price. 


Can I check-in earlier/later than between 3-5 pm?  

Since we are running this project on as lowest cost as possible that also includes our staff costs. Ideally all guests can arrive at a similar time so that the check-in can happen within a limited time-frame. If it is absolutely not possible for you to make the 3-5pm window, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 


Can I check-out later than at 10am? 

In most cases, you can check-out from your bedroom later than at 10am. It will depend on whether the retreat center is fully booked and your room may need to be prepared for another person coming on the same day, or the next day. In that case you will need to check-out from your bedroom by 10am, but you are still welcome to leave your suitcase in a designated area, and still spend the rest of the day in the center with others. You will be informed by our retreat center coordinator on an individual basis. 





What about the meals?

New Eden Retreat Center will not offer event-style meals. You will be able to use the retreat center kitchen to take care of your own meals. 






Is there any program during the week or weekend?

As this is not an event/retreat, New Eden is not organising any program. Depending on the availability of the members of the New Eden Collective, you might be able to book an individual bodywork/coaching/support session during your stay.


I only want to come and be. Do I have to be meeting with others, or to participate in any sessions?

Since there is no official program, you can absolutely just "come and be", actually… that was the main inspiration why we created this offer. You might of course meet others in the common areas, but it is up to you how much you wish to engage. 


Is Christian Pankhurst going to be there? Will he be doing any circles?

Christian might be onsite and depending on his availability, he might want to offer a group session. However it is equally possible he will be traveling at the time of your stay. As with previous points: please do not make your visit dependent on your desire to participate in a circle with Christian. 


What are the offerings from the community members living at New Eden, and are they going to be for free?

Our onsite community members offer a wide range of inner growth, healing and support modalities. You might be able to receive a bodywork session, or a different array of personal consultations and readings such as: astrology; human design; gene keys; tarot; channeling.  You might also have an opportunity to experience a shamanic journey, sound or energy healing.


These offerings will not be for free.  

Individual sessions will have a set price just like anywhere else.  





How do I book my stay?

Click HERE to fill out the booking form.

We will get back to you soon after to finalize your booking and payment. 


How do I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer to our Dutch bank account or by PayPal.

You will receive detailed instructions via email. 


What is the cancellation and refund policy?

All bookings within 48-hours before your arrival are non-refundable, unless you are showing covid-19 symptoms. As then you should really stay at home, to protect yourself and others. 


Why are the prices so low compared to what we normally pay for the retreat accommodation and food?

In these uncertain times the retreat center cannot rely on group event bookings. That is why we are making an attempt to experiment with a nightly rental model and with that, a more generous economical model that can make staying with us more accessible. 


In this model the amount of the minimum booking fee reflects our most basic minimum costs that allow for the center to keep running. These very low prices are designed to create a space for additional voluntary contribution where YOU decide the final amount based on your experience and the value you received.  

You might still be wondering, "but why then these prices cannot be offered during events?". The answer is that running an event incurs many other additional costs, but mainly, paying a mortgage and other debts to our private investors. 


That's why we allow the space for your generous heart to contribute at the end of your stay, so that we can cover not only the operational costs, but possibly also the bigger costs, which will allow us to stay here in the long term. 


What do you mean by contributing at the end of my stay? 

As mentioned above, the very low minimum booking fee is designed to create a space for an additional voluntary contribution/donation where you decide the final amount based on your experience and the value you received. What that means is that at the end of your stay you will have an opportunity to check in with yourself and decide whether the value you received was worth more than what you already paid. If your answer will be "yes", you will be invited to add whatever voluntary amount feels right for you on top of the minimum booking fee that you paid to book your stay. 



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