the Heart Summit

Experience a New Normal:
For You, Your Relationships & Your Tribe.

- December 17th - 20th  -

Live & Virtual Tickets Available

The Invitation

Connect with others from all over the world as we gather together to upgrade and increase our Heart Intelligence. Let's use this time to usher in a new normal to connect deeper with ourselves, each other and the emergent collective energy that is rising right now.

The Incredible Upgrade You'll Receive at the Heart Summit




We live in turbulent times and the world is changing fast. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed with how to respond to these challenging times. Heart Intelligence shows you the way…



Do you ever feel numb? Have you ever had the thought that there must be more energy and vitality available to you but you just can’t seem to tap it? The Heart Summit will help you FEEL MORE! More love, more connection, more worth, more power, more control, more choice, more juice, more health, more depth, more presence… more of EVERYTHING!



Increasing the amount of Joy you experience is a simple process. Either increase the amount of life, love, energy and emotion you can let in or increase the amount of life, love, energy and emotion you let out. In the Heart Summit you will learn to do both – to get more of who you are OUT while letting more of life IN.




An important part of the Heart Summit is building heart centered community and celebrating our connection. In today’s climate of isolation it's more important than ever to stay connected and lit up. At the Heart Summit, you will experience profound connections with others and feel part of a growing worldwide family and community.


What Will You Receive?

You'll receive a powerful and complete Heart Intelligence education, learning tools, skills and ways to open and live life from your Heart. 


The focus of the Heart iQ  journey we will embark on is to get you into your body while simultaneously tapping into a higher state of consciousness by leveraging the power of the amplified field, generated by everyone attending. And yes, we can even experience this amplified field online! 


You’ll get to practice opening, not through psychological analysis, processing of your stories or digging up your past, but through exercises that connect you to your body, your life force and your vast depth of emotion and feeling.  


In essence, you’ll be learning a language of love that goes way beyond the verbal expression most of us rely on. It is a language that connects us through a shared frequency of heart field, and when you have access to and become fluent in this language, you’ll have the key to unlock joy whenever you want.    


In this Heart Summit you may: 


♥️ Experience the beauty and aliveness of our open heart. 

♥️ Receive some of the most cutting-edge embodiment practices, teachings and tools for personal awakening that can be applied to your life forever.

♥️ Learn how to move instantly from a collapsed place of unworthiness into your strength and authentic power.  

♥️ Tap into your inner knowing, and your hearts goodness to remember your life's purpose.  

♥️ Liberate any bound life force energy that is dormant or ‘stuck’ in your physical, emotional and energetic body.  

♥️ Deepen your capacity to open through embodied connection to yourself, in relationships and in group fields.  

♥️ Embrace your wounding as your superpower and start to transform it into a gift to share with the world.  

♥️ Be re-inspired by human potential and what’s possible in conscious connection with others.  

About The Facilitators

Christian and I have a remarkable relationship —  inextricably soul connected, guardians of each other's goodness, in support of whatever brings the other joy, and in deep devotion to the emotional hygiene and heart intelligence that has created our rich and varied history.  However, it has been a long and winding road to get here.

I met Christian in early 2014, and within several months, a truly inspiring, heart opening romantic relationship began to blossom between us.  Because we were aligned and connected on so many levels, I felt a resounding “yes!” to help nurture and grow Christian’s visionary work, Heart iQ, joining his company as CEO, and by 2015 we set our sights on creating a home for the Heart iQ community.  On the first day of 2016, our shared vision was birthed!  New Eden, a beautiful retreat centre in the heart of Friesland, became ours to tend and raise like the love child it was.

As with many couples who partner in both professional purpose and romantic love, the years brought us plenty of challenges and lessons.  We shared sleepless nights and red eye flights; deliberated over financial challenges and the right next steps; gave everything we had to our community, sometimes even to our own detriment; built multiple successful businesses; traveled the world; laughed and grieved; stood before the firing squad of judgements, assumptions and doubts; and, eventually, shattered each other's hearts…yet we found our way back to one another again, stronger and deeper as a result of all that we had shared. 

As we each have grown personally, our relationship has matured and has produced a capacity for us to weather any storm together.   Our shared love is surpassed only by our courage to lean into our fears and create a culture of emotional hygiene that continues to deepen our compassion, humor, gratitude, and support for one another.  Of course, we’re not perfect. We haven't been and don't aspire to be.  However, we trust that the broad range of our individual and shared experience, from tragedy to ecstasy, as well as our hearts, gifts and skills, allow us to uniquely support each of you on your own path of becoming.

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