Thu, 09 Apr | Streamed at American Time

The Heart Summit 2.0

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The Heart Summit 2.0

Time & Location

09 Apr 2020, 14:00 GMT-5 – 12 Apr 2020, 13:00 GMT-5
Streamed at American Time

About the Event

Connect with others from all over the world as we gather together online to upgrade and increase our Heart Intelligence. Let's use this time to usher in a new normal to connect deeper with ourselves, each other and the emergent collective energy that is rising right now.

THE GREATEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE TO THE WORLD IS TO BECOME A FULLY HEALTHY YOU We live in turbulent times and the world is changing fast. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed with how to respond to these challenging times. Heart Intelligence shows you the way…

FEEL MORE! Do you ever feel numb? Have you ever had the thought that there must be more energy and vitality available to you but you just can’t seem to tap it? The Heart Summit will help you FEEL MORE! More love, more connection, more worth, more power, more control, more choice, more juice, more health, more depth, more presence… more of EVERYTHING!

EXPAND & EXPRESS YOURSELF! Increasing the amount of Joy you experience is a simple process. Either increase the amount of life, love, energy and emotion you can let in or increase the amount of life, love, energy and emotion you let out. In the Heart Summit you will learn to do both – to get more of who you are OUT while letting more of life IN.

FEEL AT HOME WITH OTHERS An important part of the Heart Summit is building heart centered community and celebrating our connection. In today’s climate of isolation it's more important than ever to stay connected and lit up. At the Heart Summit, you will experience profound connections with others and feel part of a growing worldwide family and community.

Why am I doing this?

At this time, most of us are being asked to self-isolate and distance ourselves from others, often at home. Normally, my way of sharing Heart iQ with the world is through live in-person events, but as that's not possible right now, I'm going to stream some of my favourite events from the the past 10 years over the course of the coming months.


The first Summit was streamed at the end of March and was my first ever Summit filmed in Miami. This second event is the Amsterdam Heart Summit from 2012. It was the very first epic large group awareness training I did in Europe with over 300 people in a beautiful circular dome and the camera work is fantastic! You'll feel as if you are right there with us... 

What will you receive?

During these four days, I'm going to livestream the ENTIRE event as a gift to the community and to those watching at home. 

You'll receive a powerful and complete Heart Intelligence education, learning tools, skills and ways to open and live life from your Heart. 

The focus of the Heart iQ  journey we will embark on is to get you into your body while simultaneously tapping into a higher state of consciousness by leveraging the power of the amplified field, generated by everyone attending. And yes, we can even experience this amplified field online! 

You’ll get to practice opening, not through psychological analysis, processing of your stories or digging up your past, but through exercises that connect you to your body, your life force and your vast depth of emotion and feeling.  

In essence, you’ll be learning a language of love that goes way beyond the verbal expression most of us rely on. It is a language that connects us through a shared frequency of heart field, and when you have access to and become fluent in this language, you’ll have the key to unlock joy whenever you want.    

In this online summit you may: 

♥️ Experience the beauty and aliveness of our open heart. 

♥️ Receive some of the most cutting-edge embodiment practices, teachings and tools for personal awakening that can be applied to your life forever.  

♥️ Learn how to move instantly from a collapsed place of unworthiness into your strength and authentic power.  

♥️ Tap into your inner knowing, and your hearts goodness to remember your life's purpose.  

♥️ Liberate any bound life force energy that is dormant or ‘stuck’ in your physical, emotional and energetic body.  

♥️ Deepen your capacity to open through embodied connection to yourself, in relationships and in group fields.  

♥️ Embrace your wounding as your superpower and start to transform it into a gift to share with the world.  

♥️ Be re-inspired by human potential and what’s possible in conscious connection with others.  

You don't need to attend every session, but feel free to drop by once in a while and take in the atmosphere and vibe. Feel free to engage with others, sharing your insights in the live chat and consider passing this on to your friends - it could be something fun to watch together! 


DATE & TIME:  Thursday April 9th at 14:00 Central Time - Sunday, April 12th 13:00 Central Time. 

This event is streamed at a time that works for Americans. We also have simultaneous streaming of this event in Europe and Australia time zones, so please register for those events in order to get the right stream and updates for where you live!

COST:  This event will be streamed for free in real time. A replay is available to members of our Heart Summit Club. 

Want to join the Club?

If you would like to also have access to instant replays, extra sessions and Zoom Q&A calls with me during the event, you might want to consider becoming a member of our Heart Summit club. It's just €25 (or $28.99) per month and you can cancel at anytime. You not only get access to the replay and extra sessions from this Summit but also the previous and future Summits too!

A little more about Heart iQ:  

“Heart iQ's mission is to offer men, women and couples a healthy imprint for being fully conscious, compassionate & connected with themselves and to others. Through a process of experiential and embodied practice, participants are lovingly and expertly guided to meet and embrace all aspects of themselves, together with others in community and tribe. By doing this important work, we put an end to the passing down of toxic pain and dysfunction from one generation to the next, so that our children can help shape a better world.”  

More about Heart iQ’s Christian Pankhurst:    

Christian Pankhurst is a world-leading expert in group dynamics, conscious communication, and the art of circle facilitation. 

Christian is a master conductor of the collective wisdom that emerges when resonant hearts come together, and his piercing clarity lovingly cuts through bullshit while he holds a space of unconditional love for what wants to emerge in the now. 

Christian teaches how to tap into the power of the collective wisdom or 'field' so facilitators learn how to heal themselves and others simultaneously through a process that is embodied and joyful rather than heady and focused on solving problems.

Christian's unique capacity to translate complex group dynamics into simple, clear and practical insights is the reason why so many seek him out to get trained in the art of small and large group facilitation.

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